As an organisation, we have tasked ourselves with establishing the most sustainable materials that can be used to make the most elegant and robust household items. With this we embarked on a journey to establish the most sustainable tribes within the heart of Africa that follow the practices passed down from generations of the hand carving. From cultures rich in creativity and innovation bursting at the seams, bringing the most vibrant items to life. 
As an organisation we want to bring these vibrant and eco-friendly items to your door step and allow you to make an impact in the fast growing friendly movement.
Kijani was born with the mission to always give back to the skilled workers behind these amazing products. At Kijani we believe in going beyond the fare trade ideology, by taking the trade directly to the people who produce the items. Kijani strives to support our crafts people and the communities surrounding us by providing many new job opportunities and opening their crafts to the rest of the world.


The Goal of Kijani is to provide the local crafts people of Kenya a platform to open their products to the world and provide them with an opportunity that they otherwise would have not had. At Kijani we believe in giving the people an avenue to work for their money and create a sustainable economy for them where they can continue to strive and survive. All our products are sourced from communities that have been producing and using for past generations. At Kijani we ensure that all the raw materials are sourced sustainably, and we ensure that trees are replanted by 3x, cotton is farmed in sustainable practices etc.



From the Rose wood to the soap stone our items feature, we have pioneered our items to be at the fore front of sustainability and bring individual households into the impact chain for improving the world.